Lady Birds

For children aged 3 months to 18 months

The baby room is for babies’ aged 3 months to around 18 months, depending on the child’s development. The room layout is designed to provide a relaxing atmosphere; a home from home environment. The room is equipped with a variety of soft toys and play mats, with toys that are colourful, appealing and designed to help develop curiosity and exploration.

Each baby will have access to a cot and their own personal bedding; however, parents can bring their own bedding, etc. if they wish. The baby room uses the Early Years Foundation stage as a guide for observations and development, and this is very flexible. There is no set routine for babies as the nursery believes in following the baby’s own personal routine.

Parents will be introduced to the baby rooms Key Person to discuss the baby’s needs and routine. Parents are asked to bring in their own formula milk and bottles and labelled food containers. Bottles will be freshly made according to the instructions. Parents are also asked to bring in nappies and a spare set of clothes. A daily record book of development and baby’s food intake is given to parents on a daily basis. Observations are shared regularly and parents are welcome to also contribute to these. We also have events throughout the year for parents and families to participate in.