For children aged 2 years 6 months to 3 years 6 months

This room is sectioned off for a variety of play and learning areas. These areas consist of a water/sand area, a quiet area for stories and reading, singing, music and movement, a home area and a small world area.

The space is designed to encourage play and learning to take place and at this age, the child is encouraged to learn a variety of elements,the main ones being language, communication, sounds, recognition of colours & pictures, shapes and listening skills. The children learn though a mixture of creative activities and routines and are taken outdoors daily to play with a wide range of outdoors toys and equipment.

The separate dining area also enables your child to sit with their peers and older children to help develop good table manners and social skills.

Your child will be allocated a key person who will be responsible for recording observations and working with you to ensure we are meeting your child’s needs. The key person will be a familiar face to enable the child to develop a close caring relationship.