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For children aged 3 years 6 months to 5 years

'A safe, secure & fun learning environment'The room is set out to encourage the EYFS criteria to be practised. There is a literacy area, a mathematics area including access to the computer, personal, social and emotional development activities, understanding the world, lots of physical play and many more.

The children have the opportunity to take part in many outdoor activities this helps to contribute to their health, physical well being and knowledge of the world around them. A key person is allocated to each child who will be responsible for discussing and liaising with parents/carers regarding their child's learning and development. Links have been made with other nurseries and local schools to encourage and complement the EYFS framework.

We hold regular events throughout the year for parents/carers and children to attend. We have parents/carers evenings to give parents/carers an opportunity to discuss and view their child's development records. We also ask for feedback on our service through questionnaires.

The nursery is fully committed to embracing equal opportunities and encourages all children to develop to their full potential by providing a safe, secure fun learning environment. All staff members are committed to following the settings policies and procedures and regularly update their knowledge through practical, face to face training.

What we do: at we do...

  • • Build on and extend children's learning through practical activities
  • • Offer real life experiences by visiting areas in the local community and inviting people into the setting
  • • Plan large group activities to introduce them to new challenges to help gain new skills
  • • Encourage them to learn to work alongside others.