Acorns Indoor

Little Acorns Nursery School provides a warm, safe & secure indoor environment for all children. Each room is set-up to maximise child development according to your child's age and stage of development.

Our open-plan design provides a spacious learning environment in all rooms and communal areas. All areas are set-up to pre-determined standards, often themed and bright to stimulate sensory development whilst also providing a pleasing and pleasant surrounding for your Little Acorns.

Safety is at the heart of our design plans. All areas, equipment and procedures are regularly risk assessed to ensure absolute compliance with UK H&S Law and best practise Nursery guidelines. Our compliance and standards in such regards are supported by robust, hands-on management, staff training and development initiatives and an ethos of 'quality child care for all'.

All areas are bright with natural light being available and championed throughout.

We have communal dining areas where children sit with their peers at meal times. We encourage the development of good table manners. Our staff stimulate, support and encourage the development of children's communication, social and interactive abilities/awareness's during meal times.